We are committing our best resources to fighting COVID-19

IAI is partnering with other companies and government agencies to help fight the pandemic. Our solutions include ventilators, disinfection methods, diagnostic tools, protective gear and preventative screening tools to protect against the spread of the virus.


Our solution for sanitizing rooms with UVC technology was developed in a week and is currently being tested in a hospital. After the test results have been evaluated, we will be able to produce hands-free sanitation systems capable of disinfecting any space (hospital room, aircraft cabin interirors, railway cars and more) within 30 minutes.


The missile production line was retooled to mass produce ventilators in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and Inovytec, which specializes in emergency medical systems.


A system for remote measurement of physiological parameters using radar, electro-optic, and AI data analysis was developed in collaboration with the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

Advanced Biological Safety Solution (ABSS)

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ABSS, a cloud-based integrated system, harnesses sensors, information systems, and big data computing is designed to handle the flow of large crowds and locate and separate potentially contagious persons including passengers, crew, and ground personnel. ABSS protects the safety and sterilizes operating spaces and goods to ensure uninterrupted business flow.


Based on risk assessment, ABSS identifies customer touchpoints to follow passengers throughout their journey, addressing potential contamination paths along the way. These include virtual engagement before arrival and after their travel experience. Touchless document identification and tracking of vital signs via remote sensing are used to process customers with minimum disruption and at maximum safety.


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Robotic Disinfection System

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The Robotic Disinfection System (RDS), which is part of ABSS, provides quick and efficient sterilization of large spaces, such as operating rooms, aircraft cabins, and railway cars. Implementing proven UV/UVC irradiation techniques, the RDS manages the pattern and activation of the UV irradiation source to deliver optimal performance. Autonomous operation and control enable the use of multiple RDS carts simultaneously.

Non-contact Vitals Screening System

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TAMAR, another part of ABSS is a commercial off-the-shelf modular solution that remotely measures vital signs such as body temperature, hand, forehead, nose, mouth, heart and respiratory rates, with a high level of accuracy.


Operated at a distance from the subject, the system quickly and reliably determines whether a risk is posed, displaying a pass/fail green or a red alert based on predetermined thresholds.  TAMAR’s design is suited for indoor or outdoor use at airports, train and bus stations, cruise lines, hotel resorts, stadiums, shopping malls, military bases, federal buildings, and other large institutions that require an additional layer of protection against persons infected by dangerous and contagious viruses.