We are committing our best resources to fighting COVID-19

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, IAI has committed to developing solutions to protect against the spread of the virus.


This includes partnering with other companies and government agencies on products to help fight the pandemics including ventilators, disinfection methods, diagnostic tools, protective gear and preventative screening tools .


In early 2020, our missile production line was retooled to mass produce ventilators in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and Inovytec, which specializes in emergency medical systems.


A system for remote measurement of physiological parameters using radar, electro-optic, and AI data analysis was developed in collaboration with the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

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Grenada Spot-on Mobile Adaptive UV-C Disinfection Unit

The GRENADA UV-C disinfection unit is designed for operation in public access areas, specifically in hallways and passageways commonly used by many people over long periods of time – from hours to days.


Functioning as a targeted disinfection device, this unit may be positioned in various locations, optimally directing and timing an LED-powered UV-C beam at the desired surface or area.

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TAMAR Non-contact Physiological Signs Monitor

TAMAR is a physiological monitoring system that rapidly measures a person’s respiratory rate, heart rate and body temperature from a safe and unobtrusive distance of 6 feet. TAMAR may be used as a tool to help highlight individuals that may be at risk, thus reducing the burden and cost for mass testing while maintaining safe distance for the staff.


By integrating a field proven radar sensor and a high-performance thermal camera with an intelligent, easy to operate application with Artificial Intelligence (AI), IAI designed a unified, remotely operated system and achieved an optimized solution.

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