IAI North America Expands its Presence in Washington, DC

IAI North America Expands its Presence in Washington, DC


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) North America today celebrated the opening of a new government relations and marketing office in Washington, DC near the US Capitol. The facility significantly expands the company’s presence in Washington, DC and creates a new space to highlight the company’s innovative technologies.IAI NORTH AMERICA EXPANDS ITS PRESENCE IN WASHINGTON, DC

“IAI’s vision is to fundamentally change the business model of IAI North America to better leverage IAI’s innovative technology for use by the U.S. Government.” said Harel Locker, IAI’s Chairman of the Board. “Having a greater presence in Washington is critical to helping us grow our business in the US market by strengthening our ties to Congress, th

e Executive Branch, partners in the international community, and industry. IAI already sources over $600M from US suppliers in over 40 states. We have long standing global partnerships with major US OEMs such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Honeywell, Gulfstream and General Dynamics and hope to establish more such partnerships with US Aerospace & Defense companies. In addition, IAI is actively looking to acquire companies in the US to establish a stronger presence.

Swami Iyer, CEO of IAI North America said, “IAI North America is executing a strategic growth plan that includes M&A and organic growth in line with IAI’s growth strategy and will necessitate an expanded US manufacturing footprint in the world largest defense market. The Washington office will showcase the innovative technology developed, often in partnership with the US defense community and US Government, to advance the security of like-minded nations.”

IAI North America will also be opening a new headquarters facility in Herndon, VA by then end of 2019.