Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Announces Launch of U.S. Innovation Center and Unveils Debut Program, IAI CATALYST



January 23, 2024 –

As part of its expanding activities in the United States of America: Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Announces Launch of U.S. Innovation Center and Unveils Debut Program, IAI CATALYST


Herndon, VA (January 23, 2024): Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announces the launch of its first innovation center in the U.S. and the debut program within it – IAI CATALYST. The innovation center is a groundbreaking initiative of the company alongside the decision to expand its business activities and presence in the U.S.

The American defense market is a leading knowledge-hub for pioneering technological and military infrastructure development regarding the future battlefield. IAI’s new innovation center and the IAI CATALYST program will foster cooperation between IAI and American startup companies while providing them the opportunity to develop technologies alongside our world-renowned experts and partners.

Operated by Starburst Aerospace, IAI CATALYST is a unique 5-month business accelerator program, tailored to support emerging startups on their journey to success. The program will focus on several key sectors critical to the future of aerospace innovation including Trusted AI & Autonomy, Quantum Science, Sustainability and Energy Technology, and Space Technology. Selected companies will receive technical and business support and mentorship in addition to financial incentives to accelerate market entry and growth.

IAI already operates a highly successful innovation center in Tel-Aviv, Israel, in which the company is developing new and advanced technological capabilities that integrated into existing and future projects. The center encourages a range of technologies in conjunction with open innovation and organic creativity while supporting intra-organizational innovation and cooperation with the entire Israeli ecosystem, including academia, startup companies, and the IAI’s engineers. IAI invests in companies that demonstrate cutting edge advancements in sectors such as space and satellites, sustainability and renewable energy, biotech, autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence.

Chairman of IAI’s Board of Directors, Amir Peretz: “As a global company, which sees the United States as not only a major target market in our worldwide business activities, but also as a partner and ally during the current iron swords war and since the establishment of the state of Israel, IAI is acting to increase connections and collaborations between it and American companies, with the aim of encouraging groundbreaking innovation. The innovation center is an important pillar in deepening the relationships between IAI and American technological companies, and of course with government officials and the country’s armed forces.”

IAI President and CEO, Boaz Levy: “The innovation that has characterized IAI throughout its seventy-year history now has an important additional platform from which to showcase its capabilities and secure its future, by means of the inauguration of the center in Virginia, which that reflect the company’s strength and is the basis for extensive collaboration in the future. I am confident that through this center we can promote joint business and technological activities for the benefit of both Israel and the United States of America, which continue together to pave the way of partnership through respect, collaboration, and support.”

IAI Vice President of North American Affairs, Amir Geva: “The opening of an innovation center in Virginia, reflects the company’s strategy, namely, to work to deepen business and technological activities with our partners in the United States. These ventures demonstrate a combination of the IAI’s rich history with the American defense market alongside joint future initiatives, and their launch is a proactive step to strengthen IAI’s business activities in the U.S.”

IAI’s Vice President of Innovation and R&D, Eitan Eshel: “After the international success of IAI’s innovation center in Tel Aviv at the heart of the “Start-Up Nation”, the innovation center we are now establishing in Virginia is another expression of IAI’s commitment to the research and development of innovative technologies, in which hundreds of millions of dollars are invested every year. The uniqueness of the innovation center is embodied in the working model of a startup, providing startups and entrepreneurs from academia, accompanied by experienced engineers from IAI, with a path that leads them to develop unique technologies and demonstrate their capabilities within weeks. Israel Aerospace Industries continues to be at the forefront of technology and provide its customers and the world with products of the future using the most advanced technologies.”

IAI North America President and CEO, Stephen Elliott: “We are excited about the opening of this innovation center here in the U.S. It demonstrates IAI’s commitment to promoting cutting-edge technological innovation and opportunities by investing in local U.S. startups. The work we will do there will help create the next generation of leading technology through collaboration with IAI from the very beginning.”


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